About Author- Preeti Shenoy is an Indian author, nominated for the Forbes list of 100 most influenced celebrity in India since 2013. "only woman in the highest selling league". by IndiaToday. Hello everyone, ''have you read its all in the planet"? well, I recently completed the novel, I thoroughly enjoy reading it. and after reading it I really want to read Preeti's all novel. I read this novel on my Kindle device and always prefer to read on it because it's easy to handle and may manage according to my choice. now let's starts with the novel, I really impressed by the title of the novel, did complete justice with the story.i also like the cover page it's vibrant and beautiful attract readers to read it.

Aniket is a young technical guy, he is a simple man with a super girlfriend Trisha [model like a girl]she is dating with Aniket but sometimes getting bored with his boring hobbies..

an another story between Manoj and Needhi, they engaged with each other. but sometime Needhi is not happy with Manoj way of thinking, Manoj always pulls Needhi from what she really want to do. one another character which attracts my attention is Tara, Needhi's step mother. a sweet heart lady, who always support Needhi for every step in life. there are nothing issues between Needhi and her step mother which usually seen between step child and step parents. It's all in the planet is the story of all these characters especially all these four characters, and these two love stories coincide to bring permanent changes in their lives. the question arises is that? Will Aniket and Needhi find real happiness in their partners? Will Trisha and Manoj accept their love as they are? What happens when two love stories meet with each other? I really enjoy reading, the climax has an interesting twist which quite surprises me. Preeti is awesome writer express the story very beautifully. language is simple and awesome. after reading this novel I also want to read her all novel as soon as possible.

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