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An interview with Mala Mattha

Name: Dr. Mala Mattha
Birth Place: Bikaner
Published book: Controlled By Knowledge: A Study of Two Clinical Pathways in Mental Healthcare
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing (www.evincepub.com)
Buy Now: Amazon.In
Interests: I Voulnteer myself at local animal shelter (Animal Aids) unsteer at my local animal shelter.
Hobbies: Writing, Reading & Dancing
Biographical Info: Dr. Mala Mattha is Head - Credit Cell of Fortis JK Hospital, Udaipur(Rajasthan),During her 10 years Tenure in Healthcare Industry ,Dr.Mala oversaw Operations, Administration, TPA(Third Party Administrator) . She is a very good Mentor.Dr.Mala take traning classes for all department staff in hospitals regarding hospitals SOP(Standard Operating Procedure).She has been Academic writer since 2015.Dr.Mala started her career in 2003 as a play group teacher in Cherubs School,Udaipur.Dr.Mala has written for HRD Times Magazine,RFFHA.In addition to being a author ,she did dance shows in major TV Channels. She is Pet Lover.

Q1.Achievement So far:?

Ans : Best Presentation award from RFHHA ,Best Journal & Poems in HRD Times ,National Award in Dance,State Award in Dance,District Award in Dance,Best Mentor in her organization

Q2.Favorite Topics of Writing ?

Ans: Healthcare, Quality Improvement in Healthcare, Orthopedics, Sentiments, Creative Stories, Fictions.

Q3. What describes you the best? 1.Content Writer 2.Academic Author Tell us about your writing career:

Ans: People often think that you have to be published to be an author, but that’s not true. Once you have written a piece of fiction - long or short - you’re an author. Likewise you can think of yourself as a writer as soon as you are writing. And don’t say, or even think, “I’m trying to write a novel”. That statement has the seeds of failure within it. Instead, say and think, “I’m writing a novel”. (Or, of course, your screenplay, or play etc).
I started my writing career from Poems which are published in local newspaper, Local Magazines . Than when my poems become so popular than i start writing journals and articles .Finally I launches a book.

Q4. Tell us about your book, "Controlled by Knowledge": ?

Ans: It’s probably a little cliché to write about what makes me want to be a writer. If you ever happen upon any websites that promote writing and offer advice on becoming a writer, you’ll probably not struggle to find a page of quotations about why such-and-such a writer writes, as well as a long list of links or articles about why people write, and all of them essentially say the same thing. They write because writing is just something they have to do. I would share the same sentiments.
I’ll tell you where I try to find it. One of my biggest motivations for writing is knowing where and what writing brings to me. Some of my closest friends are friends are probably only friends of mine because we met as writers at an open mic night in Seoul. If it wasn’t for these same people I would not have started writing. Since then, writing has introduced me to many different people, through blogging and through my other articles for the press here in India. Today, writing is presenting me with more and more opportunities. If I need further inspiration, I can look to others with more experience. If you ever read any of the interviews that are featured in music or film magazines for example, remember that writers carried out these interviews and spoke with those people you chose to read. There is so much to be learned from every person you meet, but to be given the opportunity to sit down and talk with a person with influence and to ask them questions which they answer for you, and then you transfer them to words on paper (or a screen) which people read, that’s a real privilege that even world leaders don’t get the chance to do.

Q5. What is your current goal in writing career ?

Ans: When you are trying to create your writing career, it can be hard to know how to progress. It's such a challenging path to consider you can make your living from your writing.

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