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We offer Genuine Marketing strategies, on every possible platform which helps to showcase the book, sample chapters, fliers, poster, banner, flex etc. we offer marketing with a vast number of reviewers, interviewers, bloggers, graphic designers, static & dynamic websites, video trailers, Social media campaigning via contest, events, quiz, and marketing experts working together to promote short story books, novels, and other fictional and non-fictional books. Providing effective Book Marketing services at affordable price.

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Book Reviews

Book reviewers are INFLUENCERS. Meaning, they can have a direct impact on sales to larger clusters of readers, as opposed to finding one good reader at a time. Of course, like competitions, not all book reviews are created equal. Our Winner Circle features only the best of the thousands of review sites out there, rated by traffic and following, and pre-sorted into genres so you don't have to spend hours searching what may or may not work best for YOUR book. As our team says, it's our way of "shrinking the web" down to just what you need as an author.

Facebook Marketing

Your readers are online, hence, they can be reached easily. Social Media is the biggest game changer for self-published authors as it helps authors connect directly with potential readers. We will run promotions on Facebook through highly-targeted ads to boost the visibility of the page to the right audience. These promotions help create the much-needed traction for your book. Social media is the new way to reach a wider audience and it isn't going away anytime soon. Developing facebook sites and finding loyal customers on Facebook may be easier for some than others.

Basic Author Website

An author website is a must for authors today. It serves as a digital platform for both you, as an author and for your book. The website doesn't just help you promote your book but it also helps you engage with your potential reader. One Year Hosting: Ensures that your site is functioning with a secure back up of the content. And in case of need, technical support is just a call or email away. Domain Name: You will have the opportunity to choose the domain name for your website. Supply us with your top three choices, and we'll let you know what is available.

Custom Author Website

Our full feature author website is the best marketing tool you can have. With blogging, social media integration and other cool features, your author website is a great way to engage and stay connected to your readers. One Year Hosting: Ensures that your site is functioning with a secure back up of the content. And in case of need, technical support is just a call or email away. Editorial Control of Blog and Media Page: After we've created your website with your information and design, you can easily update or add new content on the Media and Blog pages.

Book Reveal Video

Digital Shareables help make your product or idea to go viral. Send book reveal GIFs or videos to friends, family and acquaintances through Whatsapp and ask people to share this. We will create these beautiful and fun book reveal videos for your book that will create curiosity and bring a smile to anyone who sees it.

Book Video Trailer

A trailer is the first look your readers get of your book. A 30 to 60 second video teaser of your book will be created and distributed on YouTube. Digital Shareables help make your product or idea to go viral. We will create these. beautiful and fun book reveal videos for your book that will create curiosity and bring a smile to anyone who sees it.

Digital Book Giveaway

A Digital Book Giveaway is a proprietary our marketing campaign that enables readers to read your book online by helping spread the word about it. Running a Digital Book Giveaway allows you to reach more people by combining your book's launch with Facebook's social reach. The objective of this campaign is to help building awareness about your book among readers on Social Media.

Online Book Lunch

Most of us get our daily news from online news websites. Our Standard Book PR service enables you to get coverage for your book in top online news outlets there by enabling reach as well as SEO benefits for your book.

  • Drafting the Press Release
  • Sharing news to top online media outlets
  • Guaranteed online coverage - 2 to 3
  • Sharing the Coverage Report

  • Premium Retail Display

    We provides retail display in premium up-scale bookstores in India. While retail store distribution in India has taken a huge hit on account of successful online ventures, we pick and choose our retail partners based on display prominence and timely reporting and payments for books sold. Your book will be displayed prominently for sale in our partner stores based on the below guidelines. The duration of display is 3 months. During this time, the author has to generate enough sales to continue staying on the shelves. The retail shelves will be refilled at our cost, if and when they get empty.

    Amazon Prime Placement

    Readers are buying more books on Amazon than ever, and they like getting their hands on your book instantly. We enable this by printing and stocking your books directly in Amazon's warehouse from where it gets delivered to readers within a day or two. In the past, we have noticed that this strategy helps increase sales as readers are more likely to buy a book that is Fulfilled by Amazon. Amazon Prime Placement also enables Free shipping for subscribers of Amazon's Prime program. Your book will be listed as a Prime item on for three months from the date of publishing.

    Google Ads

    Have you noticed ads on various websites and blogs? These are powered by Google Ads, which is the most powerful and sought after digital advertising platform in the world. Millions of sites partner with Google to display ads on their websites related to their content. As an author, advertising on Google provides a unique opportunity for you to tap directly into your target audience using specific keywords and categories relevant to your book. Our team will create and manage advertisement campaigns on Google and provide reports on a regular basis. Managing the targeted advertisement on Google for one month

    Facebook Ads

    Advertise your book on Facebook. Your potential readers have willingly supplied oodles of information about themselves like their interests, favourite books, age, sex, religion, music interest etc. With Facebook ads, you can narrow down your ads to the exact target audience for your book. Example: If your book is a murder mystery novel, you can place ads on Facebook to target 20 to 40 year old women who are fans of Agatha Christie and have liked other murder mystery novels. Identifying the target audience. Drafting monthly reports on views and reach coverage, videos and articles about your book

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