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An interview with vivek tariyal

Q1.First Of All As A Writer What You Think About Writing Poetry and Writing Others? How it's Difficult for You?

Ans : Poems are simple and effective way of expression. Being short and crisp in nature, they are more effective to draw attention of people than other forms of writing like articles, short stories or novellas. Articles express the thoughts in detail before the reader and author is free to clarify his point in as detailed manner as possible, but poems help express the same thought in less content while being ambiguous, that is open ended interpretation by the reader based on his own understanding, that's where the beauty of a poem lies. It may seems that maintaining rhythm and flow while using a fixed set of words in one's vocabulary makes it difficult to write a poem but it surely does not pose to be a hurdle in a poet's way.

Q2.Tell Me Some Thing about Your Book? [In one or two line].

Ans: Uday - Ek Nae Yug Ka is a collection of poems based on inspirational thoughts, women empowerment, patriotism, social issues etc. These poems are aimed at inspiring change in mindset of people which in turn will bring a change in society and nation.

Q3. As I saw On Amazon you write about India, Did You Think your Self a True Country Lover?

Ans: Yes of course! Besides being a country lover I believe in Sanskrit saying "vasudhaiv kutumbkam" which means the whole world is our family. For me humanity always comes first.

Q4. You have discussed about Social Issues on your book, which is a prime social problem in India? And how to solve it?

Ans: There are many social issues in our country and one potential solution to almost all of them is education. Education is the key to root out all the maladies. By saying education I mean not just facts and figures but values too. I believe ignorance and lack of logical thinking are major reasons that support evil social practices and set trends which not only hinders the social growth but also hampers the initiatives taken to curb the malpractices.

Q5. What your Poetries and You Want to Promise with your Reader?

Ans: Readers will find almost all the poems somehow related to them in real life. The poems are aimed to bring about a social change by beckoning to the sleeping conscience of people towards untold social issues and by encouraging the youth to come forward and take the responsibility of the society and nation in their hands. I believe the readers will appreciate the content and will work for the underlying idea of the writings.

Q6. How you Decide to take this title "Uday - Ek Naye Yug Ka"?

Ans: It was difficult to come up with a single title for poems having varied ideas and topics. The title was supposed to be simple for everyone to understand. After several discussions with friends we selected this title; as almost all the poems in this collection are dedicated to bring about a change and dawn of a new era in the society.

Q7. Writing poetry is difficult, because poets have to tell strong message in one line with rhymes? What you think about that?

Ans: Writing poetry may seem difficult but it is a source of self-satisfaction and inner peace for me.

Q8. Tell me something About Your Self?

Ans: I belong to a middle class family in Rishikesh (Uttarakhand). I have completed my school education from Kendriya Vidyalaya Rishikesh and Raiwala. I did B.Tech (Hons) in Applied Electronics and Instrumentation from DIT Dehradun (Uttarakhand Technical University). Currently I am working as Engineer (Tech) in Energy Efficiency Services Limited (A JV of PSUs of Ministry of Power, Govt of India). I love reading, writing, debating, playing badminton and developing websites.

Q9. Your Interest area of Writing?

Ans: I write on inspirational themes, women empowerment, patriotism, social issues etc. Amongst various writing genres I feel more connected towards writing poems.

Q10. At last Massage you want to share with us and our readers?

Ans: Let's not waste this life and do something that gives meaning to our life and existence.

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