Frequently asked Questions

  • What is Booksclinic?

    Booksclinic is a publishing platform for authors from India. We make it easy for you to create, publish, and distribute your Print and eBooks.

  • What is the publishing process?

    Publishing with Booksclinic is a simple process. Create an account with Booksclinic, select a publishing package, and submit your book for publishing. A project manager will be immediately assigned to assist you during the publishing process. After submitting a book, an ISBN will be assigned and the manuscript will be sent for cover and book interior design. The entire process will be managed by Booksclinic with frequent inputs from your end.

  • What on earth is an ISBN?

    ISBN stands for ‘International Standard Book Number’. It’s basically a 13 digit identification number that book sellers and libraries use to identify books, magazines, newspapers or other publications. A separate ISBN is assigned for Paperback, Hard bound and eBook versions of your book.

  • What is the deal with Publishing Packages?

    There are two major costs associated with any book, the pre-publishing cost and the printing cost. Our Pre-Publishing Packages have been created to offer you the quality of a traditional publisher coupled with the independence you enjoy as a self-published author. To this extent, we only charge you only for the services we offer. You are free to choose from any of our publishing plans.

  • What about the cost of printing my books?

    The best thing about publishing your book with Booksclinic is that you do not incur any printing cost. This is NOT print-on-demand. Instead, we fill our inventory with a certain number of copies of your book and refill the inventory as and when it is required. Authors can even buy additional copies of their books from us at a subsidized cost.

  • How many copies of my book will you print?

    Booksclinic offers managed inventory services. Stay in stock and never worry about paying for additional print runs of your book. Print more, sell more. It’s all covered.

  • Who owns the rights to my book?

    You maintain the full rights to your book! We exist to help you reach the market via our distribution partners and act as a publishing label. Publishing with Booksclinic is a non-exclusive publishing agreement. We don’t own any of your content and you can even publish it elsewhere if you wish.

  • How many books will I sell?

    Some authors sell one or two copies, some sell thousands. All our channels should be treated as distribution platforms, not sales platforms. Your book may be available via all our distribution partners, but in order to sell copies you should consider ways to promote or market it. This may be as simple as creating a blog or contacting people to review and write about your book. With a concerted effort, a good book can become a great seller!

  • Can I track how many books I’ve sold?

    Currently, we can offer you sales reports via email. These detail how many books you’ve sold, when they were sold and in what region. We’re working hard to bring you live sales data via the Author Dashboard too!

  • How and when are profits distributed?

    Profits from your book are distributed monthly via Bank Transfer. You are required to submit an Indian bank account during the publishing process. Profits will be paid to this nominated account within 30 days of the end of each month.

  • Anything else?

    We’re doing our best to make publishing as easy as possible. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, we’d love to help. Please get in touch. Email: