Interview With DR. CHAITANYA

Interview With DR. CHAITANYA

Deepak :- When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer ?
DR. CHAITANYA :- I realized to be a writer for the first time in my student life when I was just 15 years old. I wrote a poem on my motherland. It was published in the school megazine.
I took part in Essay competition and won a prestigeous literary “Vijaya Award” on the auspicious occassion of 50th Birthday celebration of Rajmata Vijaya Raje Scindia of Gwalior.

Deepak :- How long does it take you to write a book ?
DR. CHAITANYA :- I take generally atleart one year to write a new book.

Deepak :- What is your work shedule like when you are writing ?
DR. CHAITANYA :- I wakeup at 4.00 AM ie early morning in Brahma Muhuratam and start writing at 4.30 AM. After 6.30 I relex and complete my daily routine. Then I enjoy music, yoga, Pranayam and read newspapers.
I do light exercise and walk in the garden in the evening time. Again I start my creative writing after meals and go to bed at sharp 10.00 PM.

Deepak :- Where do you get information or Ideas for your book ?
DR. CHAITANYA :- I get informations and ideas from the social Environment and the events of day to day life for creating my book. The beauty of nature also inspires me to write poems, stories, novels and also to sing my newly created Gazals, sons, lyrics and poems.

Deepak :- When did you write your first book and how old were you ?
DR. CHAITANYA :- I wrote my first book at the age of 21 in 1970 which was published in 1973 and I got “National Muktibodh Kavita Award” in 1974 for my literary work by The Sahitya Academy (MP) Bhopal on the book of Poems Titled as “Dhamniyonk e Deshmen” I have now written a dozen of books on poetry Gazals and mostly on satire.

Deepak :- What do you like to do when you are not writing ?
DR. CHAITANYA :- I read and review the literary books and also enjoy the classical music, Folk Music, Folk literature, Literary lyrics and Gazals whenever I am not busy in my creative writing, I also watch Classical and folk dances on Television and ‘U’ Tube Channels.

Deepak :- What does your family think of your writing ?
DR. CHAITANYA :- My wife Asha Daughter in law Deepti and Son Anubhav always morally support me as a poet and writer. The whole of family feel proud of me as a renouned and famous writer and editor Since last 12 years I am editing a Quarterly Megazine “Lokmangal Patrika” from Gwalior.

Deepak :- What was one of most surprising things you learnd in creating books ?
DR. CHAITANYA :- The most surprising experience which I learnt and still remember during creation of my books or while I am writing is that I am inspired by my soul and compelled to write and develop the thought on paper as per the desire of my characters born in the storyand their interaction with each other without my interference they are living citizens on paper but not my creation.
A natural flow of thinking tends me to write according to the new living world on paper and I can not impose my own ideas on such characters.
As for as my Gazals and songs are concerned, They origenate from the core of my heart and shape my pain and pleasure on the soil of my soul as my new creation in literature.

Deepak :- Do you have any suggestion to help me become a better writer.
DR. CHAITANYA :- I would like to suggest my young poet and writers to become a successful literary figure – They shold be a micro observer and a better listener.

Deepak :- Does your family support your career as a writer ?
DR. CHAITANYA :- Yes, my family supported me a lot to grow and develop as a successfulcreative writer still they take care of me and encourage me to write more and more and gift me. New books on my birthday.

Deepak :- When you are going to write your new book ?
DR. CHAITANYA :- I shall be completing my latest book in he month of August and get it published soon.

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