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Booksclinic: Lavina, we would like to know your biographical info. Please share it with us.

Lavina: With a background of science, and a heart in arts, I work as a designer at day, and a writer at night. I love animals to the core of my heart, and I have been active in helping injured animals around me. I love to travel, capture moments in camera, play instruments, and whatever keeps me lively.

Booksclinic: What are your Achievement So far?

Lavina: One of my short stories, Yellow Cap, was selected in a national competition held by Notion Press, and hence was published in an anthology called ‘Long Story Short…’

Booksclinic: Great Lavina, and what about your Favorite Topics of Writing?

Lavina: Fantasy, Suspense, Mystery, Adventure, Romance

Booksclinic: What describes you the best?

Lavina: 1. Mystery Author 2. Romance Author 3. Fantasy Author

Booksclinic: Your readers might want to know about your writing career, Lavina.

Lavina: I can’t remember my childhood without a paper and a pen. I don’t remember when I started writing, because I remember being a schoolgirl, and spending all my free time in writing. I was always a lousy reader, but when it comes to writing, my mind bombards with imaginations (except for the times I have ‘writer’s block’).

Booksclinic: ‘Who is the favorite character in the novel?’

Lavina: I would say it’s Nipun. His side of story comes in the second half of the novel, but it is where the novel takes an interesting and mysterious turn. He is the kind of person who is deep and secretive, and who doesn’t fall in love with such a character!

Booksclinic: Tell us about your book, “Gablet: The Game of Dreams”

Lavina: It is a journey about a girl named, Rachel, who found her love trapped inside a game named, Gablet. What reader needs to fathom is, what is Game of Dreams? The novel depicts more than adventure, romance and fantasy. It is about finding oneself, and maturing with the novel. Rachel has a friend called, Nipun. When Nipun’s part starts, the novel takes a different turn and shows the reader how dark one’s life can get. What goes in Nipun’s mind, and what steps he takes will be a suspense till the nearly end of the novel, making both the Rachel’s and Nipun’s part in novel intriguing.

Booksclinic: What encourages you to become an Author?

Lavina: From my childhood, I have been reading novels from different authors. But more than reading, I loved writing. I have always been writing poems, short stories, and what not. Well, writing a novel is bigger than those things, since you have to be determined and persistent about a huge story going in your mind. So, it was not encouragement, but a will to write and convey my imaginations to the readers as much as I can.

Booksclinic: What is your current goal in writing career?

Lavina: My current goal is to gain as much knowledge from the classic authors, practise art of writing, and keep writing! 

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