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Book Name - "Binjara-ri-beladi"Hobbies and Interests – Singing, Writing, Painting, Traveling, Reading.Biographical Information - I m belonging from rajpoot medile class family.my childhood was amazing. Life Moto - I want to give good things to everybody Amazon Link - Buy Now Q1. आपने अपने विशेष क्षेत्र या शैली में लिखना क्यों चुना? यदि आप एक से अधिक शैली में लिखते हैं, तो आप उन्हें कैसे संतुलित करते हैं Ans : मेरे लेखन का क्षेत्र राजस्थानी भाषा में ही रहा,हाँ कभी कभार मैने हिन्दी में भी लिखा है।ज्यादातर मेरा लेखन राजस्थानी में ही हुआ है।खासकर दोहा,सोरठा,कवित,घनाक्षरी इत्यादी छंदों में लेखन की ही प्रधानता रही।काव्य के...

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Book Name - "Sangeeta - The Mountian Girl" Hobbies and Interests – Reading & Writing, Carrier CounsellingAmazon Link - Coming SoonBiographical Info: Aviation Professional by Profession & Writer by HeartFavourite Quote - With an inch of time one can perchased of gold but with an inch of gold one cant perchased an inch of time. Q1. Hello Sir, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself and your background? Ans : I am Privileged to be interviewed. My Child hood in Village, Teenage in town and youth in Big Cities, Flying and working in Flying Machines. I love to...

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Q1.First Of All As A Writer What You Think About Writing Poetry and Writing Others? How it's Difficult for You? Ans : Poems are simple and effective way of expression. Being short and crisp in nature, they are more effective to draw attention of people than other forms of writing like articles, short stories or novellas. Articles express the thoughts in detail before the reader and author is free to clarify his point in as detailed manner as possible, but poems help express the same thought in less content while being ambiguous, that is open ended interpretation by the reader based...

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Interests:Socializing, Music and PaintingBirth Place:Calcutta, West BengalHobbies:Sketching, reading and writingBiographical Info: Ankita Sirker is a student of Psychology, currently pursuing her graduation in Asutosh College, under the University of Calcutta; and is currently working as a content writer at' What's The Hype?'. A writer by day and are adder by night, Ankita has a unconditional love for animals. Having a deeper understanding of human minds, she is immensely sociable. Die hard lover of chocolates, novel sand adventures, her aim is to experiment, explore and discover. Q1.Achievement So far: ? Ans : My greatest achievement so far has been,getting out of my...

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Book Name - "Unzipped lies" Hobbies and Interests – writing what i can’t speak, exploring, travellingAmazon Link - Buy NowBiographical Info: Nirmal Parashar is a student, and a poet. He wanted to write a novel, but then he had to kneel down to obstacles. It took him three years to pen down everything he collected in his heart, and then completed this book. Favourite Quote - never feel guilty for starting again. Q1. Hello Sir, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself and your background? Ans : I am honoured to be interviewed for the first time, i reside...

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