Milky Way of Poem

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““Milky Way of Poems” an anthology of 45 poems covers various topics of
human life.
Poems depict topics such as chastity of a girl, for her it is paragon of virtue, a
precious ornament. Leisure time describes admiration of beauty. Amulet on
breast is weapon against evil and rape.
Loneliness shattered the dreams, teaches real sense of hurting. A glamorous
girl walks like pretty diva. Wealth brought a handsome faced wife.
Money is all purpose tool, can fix many things. Mathematics add blessings,
multiplies joys, divides sorrows. Reality of life is that lust cannot be fulfilled
till death. True love exists in books only. It is puzzle of pain and pleasure.
Celebrate love that ignites spark in heart, makes one realize that he is still alive.
Understand the feelings of single mother. Collect shattered pieces of heart; give
a blast of love to restore. Draw figures of vivid thoughts on silvery sand.
Illusions are created by artists to enact game of heaven and hell. Wayfarer is to
be given mask of free smiles. Love poems in heart nursery germinate to
incarnate lover’s body. Jasmine is a girl, mine of treasure, ocean of pleasure.
Love is when she opens slowly her deep navel and round breasts. Love is
defender, love with passion. As poet I use pens of different colors that depict
emotions of the poem. When I was a little girl, everyone loved and kissed, I
still possess that love. A tattooed girl smiled, her lips got tattooed on my heart.
Love plant fruits are vibrant with secrets, full of life.
Relatives are like fish in water, slippery, catch them to release. As coal I will
burn your heart, with emotions of smiles and tears. I tried to conceal my love,
my eyes expressed them. I am a poet I reflect the image of society, I have
narrated the truth, scenes of life. Poetry is pure imagination, conscious
refinement of words, originates in emotion.”

  • Paperback: 62 Pages
  • Publisher: Booksclinic Publishing
  • Language: English
  • Edition: 1
  • ISBN: 9788193936801
  • Release Date: 5 November 2018


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Dimensions 5 × 8 cm

About The Author

Manishi Baranwal

“Manishi Baranwal, born on 17th May 1946, was awarded Post-Graduate degree in Physics
from Lucknow University in 1965. He continued to up-date his knowledge by studying Laws, French
and German languages etc. He has also to his credit Diploma in Creative Writing in English, Post –
graduate Diploma in Mass Communication & Journalism, Post-graduate Diploma in Operations
Management, Post-Graduate Diploma in Management and Diploma in Computers In Office
He superannuated as Deputy Director General (Geophysics), Geological Survey of India. He
had varied experience of guiding, planning and conducting geophysical surveys, Research and
Development of Instruments etc. for over 40 years. He has served earlier Instruments Research
and Development Establishment, Ministry of Defence and also Oil & Natural Gas Commission.
He attended art classes at Birla Academy of Arts at Kolkata in his young days. He got himself
associated with various artists during his visit to various parts of India and participated in
exhibitions along with them. He also conducted hobby classes in art for students. Art to him is a
hobby and expression of his thoughts but not a way to livelihood. He is undertaking BFA course from
Mysore University and Swami Vivekanand Subharti University. He has undertaken course at
“Rachnatmaka Kala Kendra” conducted by Rajya Lalit Kala Academy Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow during
2016. He has been awarded price in “Kala Abhiruchi Paadyakram” conducted by Rajya Sangrahalaya,
Lucknow during 2017.
He is Member of numerous scientific associations and institutions. During his career as a
scientist he has guided over 60 scientific projects and scrutinised more than 90 project reports
and papers. He has been closely associated for more than 41 scientific projects and or expeditions
as a Member of team, and has headed most of them. He has presented more than 33 papers in
various symposiums/seminars, and was awarded gold medals for excellent presentation. He has
more than 35 papers/ popular articles published in journals/ popular magazines.
He had an opportunity to travel widely and devoted his spare time to draw and paint nature.
He worked recently as Consultant to GEOINFO, Lucknow. In his spare time He loves to express
himself through art in various forms.
This is his 8th publication. Earlier publications are Fragrance of Love, Chitrakala Ka Tat Kavita
Ka Mansarovar, Kavita Ka Ped, Kahani Kusmavali, Prem Ke Phool Ki Pankhudiyan, Kaviyon Ka Manthan
and Lekhakon Ki Kalam Se.”

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