Anmol Moti by (Nannu Ram Dangi)


“The book ANMOL MOTI (PRICELESS PEARLS) IS a non fiction book. A rare Collection of anticedents and boosting ideas and thoughts of great man and women of the world. The book is concise which contains selected ideas on versatile topics of Social and national values. In our day to day restless life, will leave an immense impact.

The idea and motto behind my work is to bring about a Consolidated and comporised bookform of extracted rare, receptive, noble, impressive, note- worthy and inspiring antecedents of emiment personalities of time-by gone. In fact, words and thoughts of knowledge and wisdon are golden Treasures of our forefathers which are path finders and lead us from darkmess of Ignorance to the light of Truth. In this regard, simple living and high thinking must be our motto. In past time, the life of a man was quite simple, humble and social in comparison to present day life. Remowned poet H⋅w Longfellow in his poetry,”” The psalm of Life”” says –“The lives of great men all remind us, we can make our lives sublime, and departing leaves behind us footprints on the sand of Time.””

These virtuous and talented ideas and Sayings have guided us in the past and surely will also illuminate us in future. In addition,”” quotable quotes”” and hints for Self and state Culture will help,”” How to lead an earnest life and better life”” There are also some perceptions and affirmations can be seen in universal prayers quoted in this book, I hope that this book will be useful for those who are undergoing University education in various fields.”

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“Nannu Ram Dangi is a studious man who loves mankind and Nature. He is also an old vetern of Indian Army. He hails from Rural Area in the worth while state of punjab (Now Haryana). Born i’n a poor peasant family on 7 Apr 1945 in pre- independent India. He got his higher from a prestigious D.A. V. College AMBALA CITY (Lahore)! I’n collage he was a residential student and took poem interent in extracurriculum activities of the College Like Ncc and sports. He wrote long essays and short poems in English language and got published by management in monthly College Journal.
To read social, spiritual and cultural books of great Thinkers and Authors. is his hobby. Later he writes “BOOK REVIEW””. Among the books I read, depicted below:-

1 My Experiments with Truth – BY MK GANDHI
2 The Discovery of India Pt – JL NEHRU
3 The Light of Truth Swami Dayanand Sarswati
4 English poems and plays – William Wordsworth

He reviewed few books on moral, Cultural and devotional topics and Collected from them the outstanding inspiring thoughts Scribbed in yearly Diaries. Diary writing is also his hobby. He is a YOGACHARYA (YOGI) and a Senior Social worker.
The Author is of the opinion that now-a-days socio- Culture and Moral values are dimmishing from the moderm Society, Without moral values and human love bondage – the man is like a beast and a burden on Earth. The writer has included this on poetry on MIND, and WORK. He laboriously summed up all antecedents which will enlight and inspire those who
are really in need and wish to lead a noble life. Let the whole world become a harmonious family of good Citizens. Let us Come to-gether, and aspire and achieve your goal.”

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