Fire – The Rebel Inside Every Citizen

Been there. Done that. A man of several tales and identities. Yasir has written several short stories, poems, articles and also novels besides having a sharp business mind. He has been in and out of several professions including Writing, Salesmanship, Marketing, Help Desk Support, and Teaching. Yasir has successfully left a mark in whichever profession he chose. In Yasir own words… “A phrase I have written to describe myself is “A strong wind in the shadows”. The term “wind” suits me as I am everywhere and I am nowhere. I don’t stay in one place for long nor do I have many long-time friends (not until date). I give life, comfort and perhaps even entertainment wherever I go and can become ferociously stormy if something (or someone) stands in my way. Yet, I do not publicize whatever I do or whatever I believe in. I always remain in the “shadows”. As a result, I have traveled a lot, have faced as well crossed many challenges in life, have been in the journeys of several entrepreneurs (and celebrities); and yet no one knows me. I am Yasir Sulaiman.”

  • Paperback: 261 Pages
  • Publisher: Booksclinic Publishing
  • Language: English
  • Edition: 1
  • ISBN: 9789388797641
  • Release Date: 28 August 2019


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Dimensions 6 × 9 cm

About The Author

Yasir Sulaiman

The world is becoming a horrible place and dirty politics has a touch in all these events. Friends in the past could turn enemies because of religion, greed or even lust. Criminals run the country while qualified people are jobless. These are just some of the issues addressed in the book but in a fictional manner. There is a limit to how much an ordinary citizen can tolerate. A “fire” will be born in every person and authorities will have to respond to the fire. Read the story of one such citizen who represents crores of people across India. This book is just a work of fiction and is the beginning of a new franchise.


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