Healing Thoughts by (Harshika Pareek)


Healing Thoughts is a three-minute gratitude journal which offers you to look at your life with an optimistic attitude by answering three questions every day. This journal is a compilation of gratitude questions that would create a growth-driven, awe-infused mentality. Practicing gratitude everyday will make you more conscious in all domains of life, including your relationship and profession. I hope it assists in overcoming difficult thoughts and negative feelings you are currently experiencing.

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Dr. Harshika Pareek is a practicing psychotherapist, educator & a mental health advocate from last 12 years. She is trained in using the techniques of counseling (certified by Mount Bridge University, Columbia), Couples and Family therapy (ICPEM), Hypnotherapy (UK Standards of Hypnotherapy practice), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Art Therapy (certified by CTAA), Dream therapy (IAO certified) & other task-based psychotherapies. She is the founder of ISO registered Private Therapy Practice under the name of Counselor’s Chair. She has worked as the Head of the Department of Psychology, JECRC University, Jaipur Rajasthan. She has designed workshops combining the psychodrama techniques with techniques of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She has conducted these workshops with adolescents and young adults as well as working professionals. She has dealt with cases specially related to clinical anxiety, depression, adolescent mental health, relationship issues, anger management, body image issues, overthinking and low self-esteem. She regularly gets in touch with the psychotherapists working in USA, UK, and Canada for live sessions & mental health advocacy. She also provides internships to the students looking forward to use theoretical knowledge of psychology in the clinical therapy settings. Gold Medalist of Department of Psychology, University of Rajasthan, she has also been awarded Nation Builder Award by Rotary Club, Jaipur & Excellence in Education award by Simply Magazine, Jaipur. She is the life member of Counselors Council of India and Indian women History Museum. She has years of experience in teaching students & providing therapy to the clients. She has recently published a book named Apostrophe “Fantasy of Romantic Reality” which is a collection of short stories portraying romance & human emotions.

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