Jane Kaha Gaye Wo Din

“Along with the growing age of man, something happens that leads to his younger age. When there is a situation like taking a leisure from life, the busyness starts decreasing, and if unfortunately, the wife gets divorced, the people often get away with the companions, even the people of the place of birth are usually from the place of birth. There is also the anointing of big cities that there is no business friend of the elderly or retired person. Then that man seems to have lost one moment in the Tarhahs.
In the same period, she constantly interferes in her childhood, youth, and in the moments of education, ie she is always lost in her late past. He enjoys staying in the pools and enjoying his desire, he wants to live his life once more. When he was happy that he had met with his first lover of past moments, Thousands of precious moments spent with their heartfelt friend, the tragic road from the deserted shadowed trees of their youth, the cold bed on the open terrace in the sunlight on the night of sunshine and the strangers returning home to their home, That is, “”Where did they go?””
And the days of such restlessness, longing, anguish, disturbing, emotional ups and downs have forced me to write these poems, ghazals and amends. Hopefully you will also be able to get yourself somewhere in them.”

  • Paperback: 150 Pages
  • Publisher: Booksclinic Publishing
  • Language: Hindi
  • Edition: 1
  • ISBN: 9789388797320
  • Release Date: 08 June 2019


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Dimensions 6 × 9 cm

About The Author

Harish Trivedi

“The author is a skilled craftsman in all the disciplines. In his 31-year writing career, he has written various Hindi films, Hindi serials, short stories, songs, ghazals and poems. During his lifetime, the author has deeply understood the people of different sections of society, his feelings and made his feelings the basis of his writing. And that is why his writing was not limited to language, region and people of particular religion, but he migrated from his native place Uttar Pradesh to remote South Tamil Nadu and started writing in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada-speaking films.
After taking the post of law graduate in 1971 from the University of Lucknow, the writer followed the passions of the legalist, following his passion, came to Chennai in 1975 (Madras of that time), came to South Indian films and all of that time In the central city of the films of South Indian languages, he was employed in different streams of film productions, till 1988, he did not want to speak his anecdote. Received. Since then, Harish has been working in writing for 31 years.”


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