Men of Mars & Earth Planet, By( Ajmer singh)


From the beginning of the universe several human beings come and go from this universe. Human being is the only one living thing ,who is able to think understand and describe. Some human beings explained in Scripts what they have realised on happening all about. Human being have made the script to describe which is lying on the universe. All the invensions and discoveries have made by human being.
Now the question is who is the man itself? What is the man? Wha is mean by the word man? What is his object? What is the main purpose of its life?
He is the child of one second at his birth then early age, young age married age, mature age comes in its life. he then produces the another child with the help of his male or female friend. What we know about all process? This process is called unconstability. or it is called the uncertainty or variations. So am compelled to produce the idea of Universal Variations.
In this little effort I have prepared the law of geographical changes. or it can be said that Geography is not constant. It is variable and it must change its shape time to time.
This formula is also lies on the man of Mars Planet. But as per our new search, the Astronomers showed*** about Martian man. Is it clear or their may be some life on Mars Planet. It is the main idea of this book..”

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“Mr. Ajmer Singh Ferozepur is a Science Fiction writer. He have two projects in his mind about the man. One is about its existance and second about its origion. Who is man and where it comes from?
Born on 20.05.1972 , in a small Vill of District Ropar, State Punjab named Vill Ferozepur, he completed his Matric in 1988 from Govt High School Bela and Did B.A. with Geography Honors from From Govt College Ropar under Punjabi University Patiala in 1994. Then He Passed his M.A. degree in Geography From Devi Ahilya Universty Indore in M.P.
Then he leave the study and started transport buisnes but not succeed. Then he Completed hid B. ED from Sachdeva College Of Education Gharuan Under P.U. Patiala in 2006 and got regular School Teacher Job in 2008.
And now he is serving as ETT Teacher at GPS Amrali. He has an rich experience of teaching and writing. His novel “”Old Pension Vs. New Pension “” is published Internationally on 19.05.2019.
He has three children. Elder one Karmandeep Kaur is pusuing her Bacelor degree from Sachdeva College Grauan . Second son Manjnder Singh is in 12th class. The third son Ramanpreet Singh is studying at JNV Sandhuan Dist Ropar State Punjab.”

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