Mother Courage Rosebuds Under Chinar Shade

“An aesthetic refraction of diverse poetic, metaphoric, musical and symbolic spontaneous over flow of emotions for creating catharsis to achieve poetic joy.
Weavings of pearls
in Swan neck of Dusk
Precipitating casements on arms
The glee goes gleaming the roar of Ledder heard
At Balethul she ascends
The crimson mirrored ladder
then disappears in the shades of dusk in the herds of nomads

  • Paperback: 97 Pages
  • Publisher: Booksclinic Publishing
  • Language: English
  • Edition: 1
  • ISBN: 978-93-90192-12-0
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Dimensions 5 × 8 cm

About The Author

Professor Gm Mohiud Din Mir

“Professor Mir Mohi Ud Din is a poet in English ,Urdu and Kashmiri. He is a translator in English ,Urdu and Kashmiri. He is a science fiction writer. He is a book reviewer and teaches English at undergraduate and post graduate levels. His poetry collections are:
1.Rose buds.
2. Gul-e-lala Sehraon Ka
3.Beenadari Ufuk Ke Paar
4.He has translated GeetanJali of Tagore verse to verse in Urdu.
5.Shahnaz Rasheed’s Dooud Khateth Guldanun Munz verse to verse in English.
6.A book Tajalli on mysticism.
7.Pearlpond a Book of 999 Quotations in English.
8.A Psychological Novel Kashmir The Dance of Illusions.
9.Mr 999 The Dharmatma Of Lilliputs. {science fiction}
10.La Zoong dela Amberzoon Mars 14. {science fiction}
11.Nearer the Horizons Beyond The Imaginations. {a novel on migrant theme}
12.Dalus Hutun Naar te Anhare Armaan Gaye Chale Chale. {A COLLECTION OF KASHMIRI DRAMAS}
13.Meri Mehandi Lotadoo. {urdu afsans}
14.Gul-e-Lala Madhumati Ka. [DR.GH QADIR WANI,the Socrates of JNU}


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