FOREVER IN MY HEART ( Collection of poems), By (Dr. Hanif)


Dr Hanif has been converting the lockdown time into highly productive period through activating his head and heart and making available the outputs for the benefit of his readers in particular and the society in general.Of late,he has come up with his several literary pursuits which reflect on his overall personality of erudition and experience. Poetry, Khalil Jibran felt,as a ‘deal of joy and pain and wonder, with a dash of the dictionary””.Dr Hanif has once again made the quote true through his contributions.Poems are the call of the heart and the product of the heart. It is believed that touching the depths of the heart, which creates the world of sensation with emotions to the brain,is called poetry.The infinite invisible power that one worships while reciting verses in solitude and in a deserted place,is per se an adorable poem.Images, similes,use of words and as a magician of pen Dr Hanif is a prolific novelist, story writer,as well as a poet of Urdu sonnet known as Ghazals.His poetic excellence is discernable while reading the poetry compilation styled as “”Forever in My Heart””.An anthology of more than a hundred poems in English is one of the many notable literary works of Dr Hanif,in which he has beautifully presented every aspect of society with great simplicity.

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