Rhyme Of The Modern Mariner, By(Kaushik Ganguli)


The Book is an anthology of 52 poems. The title ‘Rhyme of the Modern Mariner’ is a takeoff from ST Coleridge’s epic poem ‘Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner which was first written and released in 1797-98 to critical acclaim. It is considered a shift to modern English Literature and remains a key work of poetry.

Like ‘Rhyme of the Century’, the book contains 3 sections, Places/ People and Thoughts. The places have mostly been visited by the author and the people are all real, with fictitious names. Thoughts are emotions felt by the author at various times, more so after his training as a qualified personal counsellor. The book is thus structured in a manner so that the reader reads one poem a week, absorbs the contents and is made to think about the topic. This way, reading the complete book would take one full year.

12 poems out of 52 are about football. The author is a keen fan of football and is a supporter of Mohun Bagan Athletic Club, Kolkata and the German National Football team. The poems are tributes to both the entities.

It would be worthwhile to know that Mohun Bagan Athletic Club is known as ‘Mariners’ and the emblem of the club is a boat. The cover page of the book is thus a Norse longship, with the Mohun Bagan flag and the German National Football team flag, denoted by the eagle.

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Kaushik Ganguli (b 1969) is a Senior Finance Professional with 29 years total experience with top flight industry and entrepreneurship. He is a Fellow Chartered Accountant from India and a Chartered Management Accountant from UK. With a consistent record of excellence in Academic and Professional Areas, he has always been a frontrunner in any walk of life.

He has also evolved a parallel teaching/ mentoring/ counselling career along with his work from 2006 onwards as a Tata Administrative Service Mentor, Business School Industry Guest Faculty/ Mentor. He is also a trained personal counsellor from NCEB, Kolkata.

Kaushik is married with two children, and is settled in Kolkata, India. His other interests include reading, quizzing, travel and music. Kaushik is inspired by Sidney Sheldon who started writing at the age of 50 after being a successful script writer for 25 years. His first published book ‘Rhyme of the Century’ was published by Books Clinic in August 2020 and became an Amazon best seller within 11 days of launch. He followed up with a co written book ‘4 ever’ a unique offering of 4 poets having a joint anthology which was also equally successful. He has a goal of writing a book every year from 2020.

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