Sikh Guru Saahibaan Aur Mugal saamraajy by (Manjeet Kaur “Meet”)

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“Majority of our people are not aware about the glorious history of Sikh Gurus even today. It was the necessity of that period that Guru Nanak Devji laid the foundation of Sikhism and thereafter nine Gurus carried it forward with dedication and passion. They preached to practice self-respect, respect for others and uplifted the spirit of common man.

Guru Nanak Dev ji had two disciples who always remained with him. One was Bala, a Hindu and other was Mardana, a Muslim. Guru ji, perhaps, tried to demonstrate an excellent example of religious harmony.

All Gurus have fought with great determination against the atrocities of Mughal Empire. Fifth and Ninth Guru had to sacrifice their lives to save human values. They never compromised with their self-respect and saved the religion.

Thereafter, sixth Guru Hargobind ji, converted himself into a saint plus soldier and vowed alongwith his army to repel against the atrocities of Mughals.

Tenth Guru Gobind Singh ji carried forward the customs and rituals established by all the Gurus and also established Khalsa Panth. The army of Guru Hargobind ji and Guru Gobind Singh ji had Hindu as well as Muslim soldiers and worriers. Hence it can be totally refuted that Gurus fought against a particular religion, rather they fought against the cruelty and exploitation of prevailing empire(s)/ruler(s).

Guru Gobind Singh ji had to fight initial wars with Hilly State Emperors, who were Hindu, for their conspiracy against Guru ji.

On he other hand, two Muslim brothers ( Gani Khan and Nabi Khan) had saved Guru Gobind’s life during battle of Chamkaur by declaring him “ Uch ka Peer”. Guru ji changed his attire and dressed like a Muslim Peer to come out of battle field. This demonstrates that he was popular among Muslims also.

Power/Authority has no religion. It is neither Hindu nor Muslim. Power has a tendency to control its people either by suppression or by its good work.

Most of the battles in history have been fought to grab power/territory etc. And many of the Emperors/Rulers have misused Religion as a weapon.

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“Manjeet Kaur “Meet” was born and brought up in a town in Uttar Pradesh – Moradabad. Graduated in Economics and also completed B.Ed. from MDU, Rohtak. A house-wife by profession, but continued studies and reading current affairs in busy house hold schedule.
Pursued one year diploma course in Urdu literature from Urdu Sahitya Academy, Chandigarh. Also studied history of Sikhism and era of Sikh Gurus.
Started writing Hindi poems for Children’s home-work. It enhanced interest in writing. Got engaged with various Hindi promoting organizations.
Slowly started writing poems, Geet, Gazals, Kundali, Doha, Chhand, Haiku, short stories etc. Worked in Hindi and Gurumukhi Languages.

Further contributed in online web magazines, social media platform like Facebook and various Newpapers/Magazines. Her work is also being published in various magazines across India.

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