Silence , Societal filth BY (Md. Ikbal, Nishtha Shrivastava, Megha Dutta)



You are a woman of grace, You are a woman of endurance, You are a woman of honour, You are woman of courage, You are woman of silence;
You are the Goddess, You are the mother, You are the sister, You are the daughter, You are the friend, You are the aunt, You are the mother in law, You are the daughter in law;
Your presence is incontestable in every metier. You played your duties as a queen, an astronaut, a doctor, a rider, a driver, a teacher, a conductor, an actor, a lawyer, a police officer, a constable, an administrator, a homemaker etc.
Living in one of the biggest democratic countries India, and 80 percent of this second largest populated country worships Goddess yet she was, she is and in modern India of equality still considered to be Burden.
Though many will disagree, but A woman is a Burden the moment she is called ‘ Paraya Dhan’ meaning others property. She is already tagged a property or thing not a living being. The day a girl child is born, the applaud and wishes says, ‘Laxmi AAYI hai Badhai Ho’ meaning Goddess Laxmi has come , congratulations! But this reflection towards her birth and living is not treated with the same perspective in the long run- Reason, instead of planning for her education and career, most of the Indian parents start planning to save in Gold jewellery or other funds until she is ready for the next Big step of her life ‘Marriage’.”

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“Md.Ikbal is known for his last novel “The last puff of my cigarette”, A romantic fiction that became Amazon’s bestseller in 2020. Ikbal is working on several projects. A dedicated corporate professional who pursued his dream of writing apart from his corporate life. He is from Goverdhan UP, a famous pilgrimage of Lord Krishana’s birth place.

Megha Dutta, a professional language trainer, a writer and a traveller. She is a postgraduate in management specializing in HR and a certified English language trainer under Cambridge Assessment Board. She worked in India and Foreign lands for a tenure of 15 years now, and currently pursuing her own training programs for Institutes in India.

Nishtha Shrivastava was born in a laborious and a passionate middle-class family, Nishtha has made her life diverse with her approach of living, “all at once”. Born in the city of lakes Bhopal, she invested all her days of education in blending co-curriculars and studies together where her mother played a vital role. Honored by Various awards and titles at the National level that speak about Women and their roles, Nishtha finds peace in burning the midnight lamp to sprinkle life to her imaginary characters who talk about the artificial tantrums of the society.”

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