Spirituality and Social Work , An Indigenous Perspective BY ( Dr. Veda C.V, Mrs. Anitha.S)


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“Spirituality establishes an important connection with the higher self by balancing our physical, mental, social, emotional health which helps to explore positive emotions such as gratitude, inner peace, acceptance, contentment, compassion, forgiveness, mindfulness, love, hope. These positive emotions help to connect our body, mind, and soul. The social workers can help their clients by training them about how to utilize positive emotions in coping with illness, pain, emotional imbalance, life stresses, Low self-esteem and so on. Emotional health is concerning with refining a positive state of mind, which can enlarge your viewpoint to identify and incorporate a connection with self or a soul level. In this perspective, this edited book on “Spirituality and Social Work- an Indigenous Perspective” by Dr. Veda C.V and Mrs. Anitha.S is an exceptional work in the thoughtful understanding of the importance of spirituality in social work.

All papers have been written by University/ College Professors, teachers, and scholars. And one paper received by a student. Some of the areas referred under this book include Spirituality in the Neuro-Oncology – Social Work Perspective, Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Moral Values among Middle School Children, Impact of Spirituality on Well-Being among Old Age People, Spirituality, Human Life and Social Work, Essentialising Spirituality and Service in a World of Inhumanity, Democratic Values in Buddhism, Older Persons and Sacred Scriptures, Spirituality and Social Work in Hinduism: An Analytical Study, An Analysis on the Concept of Spirituality in Toru Dutt’s Poems- Indian Literature Perspective, Humanitarian Approach in Ramakrishna Kathamrita with special reference to Tribals- An Indian Mystical Perspective, The Role of Spiritual Conduct in Career Optimization for the Individual Holistic Development, Spirituality of Islam: Humanitarian Practices and Human Rights Principles in Action, Spirituality paves the way for Acceptance. This book will be an invaluable reference source for scholars in the field of Social Work, Sociology, Psychology, and Philosophy.
Former Professor & Chairman
Dept. of Social Work
Bangalore University

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