Super Brain : Unlock Your Hidden by (Dr. Naveen Kumar)


“Every other person who meets me complains of having a weak memory Ranging from the inability to remember telephone numbers to the very embarrassing habit of forgetting people’s names, there are persistent complaints of chronic amnesia. In this book, you will find virtually all of your memory-related issues addressed in specific sections. For those who wish to remember random lists of objects, there is a List System. Those who wish to remember numbers (such as telephone numbers or dates) can use the Conversion System. Those who wish to remember playing cards, faces or foreign words, can make use of the Substitution System. Each of these systems is scientific, time-tested and has an amazing track record of providing accurate results to whoever practices it with sincerity and patience. I request you to go through each system (in the same order as given in the book).
You will be surprised to notice how these seemingly small techniques can bring such a radical improvement in our ability to remember!”

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  • Page : 148
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Dr. Naveen kumar founder of the last step, where educate the students of all the age groups
(academic 1 to 12 th, teachers, businessman, housewives and other professionals) have benefited immensely with the help of memory science. He is also brain coach, memory trainer, author, motivational speaker, and counseller. He recorded his name in India book of record and Asia book of record & also World record.

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