THE ULTIMATE LIBERATION(English Version of Spritual Hindi Novel Bodhisatva’ek Punaraavalokan), By( Anand Prakash Gupta)


“Buddhism is not just a social philosophy,it is a way of life, A true religion.Buddism offers all that is Needed to be truely religious and spiritual and to attain complete salvation,the nirvan. The teachings of Shakyamuni/Gautam Buddha shows the way of enlightment for peace,happiness,wisdom and awakening.
 After attaining enlightment through perssonnal efforts shakyamuni said-

 That after becoming perfectely awaken and reching the pure state of enlightment, ’one not loss the awareness of the unity.’ Only then every corner of the mind would be immersed with the blissful light and the thin wall of the conditioned instincts or drives would completely break away.

 Tathagat/Buddha fallowed an intellectual way discovered through ‘Karma Yoga’after—-wandering here nd there in the jungles.

 This kind of walk on a path is open to all.The man is the instrument of his own destiny.

 Workout your own salvation with diligence ‘’Be lamps unto youselves.

 Buddhism is simply as a humanistic or even atheistic philosophy of faith,in which there is no place for any supernatural entity.

 It is search for an answer to the questions of the four pains i.e. the pain of birth,of aging,of illness nd of death. after deep meditation Gautam got the ultimate goal i.e, marga to nibban. It offers a contemporary interpretation on of the way to enlightment.”

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