TROUVAILLE, An International Anthology of Poems BY (Dr.Alok Kumar Ray)


“Trouvaille””, the international poetry anthology consisting poems of 15 poets of international fame tries to unite the poets of the East and West for the cause of humanitarian understanding and goodwill.Here diverse thoughts, expressions and viewpoints are mingled together to redeem universal brotherhood.In these days of all-out degradation , this anthology stands for transnational fraternity, fellowship and acceptance of the age-old dictum of human bonding to rescue human civilization from the threshold of deluge.Readers of all age groups, coming from cross-cultural background after reading this book will be swayed by unfathomable emotional outrage . Each poem included in this international treasure of creative minds called, “”Trouvaille”” brings to mind a benumbed sensation of joy and jollity embedded in poetic terms.One of the outstanding features of this book is that, it contains 15 numbers of translated Odia poems .And the readers will invariably see how the fountain of thoughts flow underneath surpassing geographical and socio-cultural divisions.English versions of these poems are also included in this anthology to suit the ecstatic needs of our esteemed readers.
This poetry anthology is not judgemental , rather it seeks to provide an even playing field for the readers to feel and think.Our readers will be at the helm of truth or nearer to bigger truths and greater realisation after going through the glossy pages of this book.’Guernica’ may not have recruited soldiers to the Spanish cause, but it definitely did harness the conscience of the world. And I presume, “”Trouvaille”” will play this type of role effectively.The present world is giving lip service to the very idea of social and environmental justice and profit in lieu of any cost has become the norm. Hence we are required to sing our songs in the face of all varieties of hurdles that threaten our very living , to guard ourselves against the evil forces of parochialism and intolerance. As all of us know, poetry by itself cannot change the world, but can create an ambience for dialogue on the lines of that change by hammering on our human instincts like values of compassion, empathy, camaraderie and shared common humanitarian goals.It is considered one among the basic and towering defense against our ill fate and misdeeds.Albeit chaos of all sorts, a gloomy atmosphere, poetry has the guts to rejuvenate the human soul .Leonardo da Vinci once said, painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.Our wishful readers, I can bet, will embark on a journey of aesthetic feelings while going through virgin pages of ,”” Trouvaille””. This is our humble initiative to enjoin broken hearts of humanity, to ensure bridging of different cultures and uniting nations through words , thereby paving the way for cross cultural diversity. The voice of poets included in this poetry anthology will help to transform earthly lies into meaningful aphorisms.I am optimistic that this book will become one of the most acclaimed means to bring us out of the global problems.Hope the readers will find this book very much fascinating and valuable in spreading the gospels of humanity through out our planet.After taking a holy dip in this confluence of divine poetic thoughts camouflaged as brooks , they will bring back home only serenity for sure.
I am sure,””Trouvaille””, the edited poetry anthology will be considered as a lucky find for our beloved readers and they will treat it as their trusted companion for ever.”

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Dr.Alok Kumar Ray belongs to Kendrapara district of Odisha, India. He has obtained M.A., M.Phil and Ph.D degrees from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Now he is working as a Senior Lecturer in Political Science in a Degree College affiliated to Utkal University and getting Grants- in -Aid from Department of Higher Education, Govt. of Odisha. He is a Textbook writer and books authored by him are being taught in Universities within Odisha and also in Dibrugarh University, Assam in India. He has also edited three books containing scholastic articles in social science. He is a bi-lingual poet and writes in both Odia and English.His poems have been featured in a number of anthologies, magazines, newspapers across the globe. Poetry writing for him is a passion and he is deeply obsessed with this creative endeavor. He is contributing poems regularly to a number of online poetry groups including POEMarium and takes part in online poetry writing contests also. Many a times he has been adjudged and awarded by many online poetry groups across nation-states. Kabikanya Smruti Parishad, Talcher, Odisha had adjudged him for Kabikanya Ashes Award in the year 2019. In the year 2020 ,Lasosyasyon Lar San Frontyer ,an international literary and art society recognized by the Govt. of Republic of Seychelles and affiliated to Motivational Strips awarded to him Order of Mahatma Medal ,A Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi – Awarded for Peace and Literary Conduct . He is one of the Moderators of PENTASI B World Friendship Poetry group . He is one of the Administrators of an online Odia poetry group , situated at Hyderabad, India. Recently his debut English poetry anthology ” Sillage” has been published.Very soon his debut Odia poetry anthology “Meghapanata” ( veil of rain) will be launched. Apart from writing poetry, he is also interested in social work, gardening and travelling. He is a life member of International Red Cross Society and also have had worked with Rotary International.

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