Waking up #Soulfamily : Activating the Consciousness by (Chanderhas Kumar (Soul)


““.Since then, the Vedic concepts found in the Bhagavad Gita and
understanding of the Supreme Godhead known as Lord Krishna in
Sanatana Dharma started to become crystal clear through the words
of Lord Krishna to Arjuna carrying nothing but naturally scientific
and mathematical truths. Through the many videos presented here
in this book where Srila Prabhupada talks about science and
spirituality as his interpretation of the many verses from the Gita, my
mind and soul attained further clarity in who we are, what humanity
is and what science really is. I highly recommend scientists,
mathematicians, and philosophers as well as anyone interested in
finding truth, peace, and a good way of gis to read this valuable

. ~ ,Dr.M. Nisa pe Scientist and authar USA

“Through Chanderhas® S es compiled in the book titled Waking up
#soulfamily; creative – thoughts come to me from the master
wil SS of the. universe. I constantly think ‘about these
ights 1 them I find answers to the essence of our existence..

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  • Page : 248
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