Waking up #soulfamily THE KNOWING by Chanderhas Kumar (Soul)


The journey continues with more posts. As the world changes around us I am guided through thoughts and synchronicities to old ideas as seen through new lenses. Some things change and some don’t, for most part people continue to fight or engage in materialistic ways or engage in wars. Some choose a spiritual path to evolve spiritually. Those who have been able to connect the dots of the illusory world around them and find the need to disconnect from the fears will have found the way.
For those still waiting, the disclosure comes amongst the distractions, it requires discernment to filter the truth from the false. The false prophets showing themselves as leaders of new age and guiding us away from God in one form or another. The Pride comes before the fall.
The seekers of truth have been doing their research for long, their eyes are open to realities and love already. They have moved beyond seeing is believing. They have a Knowing #soulfamily.

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