Watson and Alice

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“Watson and Alice- an assortment of their legion escapades is a book wherein they, accompanied by our remarkable duo of Solana and Saluki, go on several other sundry escapades, which are abrupt and romantic. In the third episode, they embark serendipitously on a journey to Luminaissia, wherein they convene with a sibling duo, namely Jeff and Jessie in short. Soon, a dispute arises between Watson and Alice, and she walks off, reaching the anathematized Laslum Woods. Watson soon comprehends his faux pas and the quadruple, including Jeff but lacking Jessie, goes in search of her with Jeff’s cousin, Barbara, and disembarks at an excommunicated school. Do you think they find Alice alive? Also, do you think they can survive the malevolent and bloodcurding deeds of the apparition present there?

The fourth episode takes them to the realm of cats, Felinia, when a cat infringes Watson’s manor and she soon turns out to be the Felinian princess. She wants the quadruple to help her oust the iniquitous Tregor from their country. Do you think them accomplish their desire?

The fifth episode accounts their transfer to the borough of Seoul in South Korea, with jubilant news about the adoption of Solana and Saluki by Watson’s parents. They befriend two Koreans there, namely Jin and Park in short, and the sextuple visit the Blue Forest, from where they alight in the underwater kingdom of Hydrancus upon touching the enchanted flower, Watreious. They also confront a not-so-evil, child-loving, notable and late teenage necromancer, Spernalita, who but serendipitously poisons Watson. Do you think he survives?”

  • Paperback: 91 Pages
  • Publisher: Booksclinic Publishing
  • Language: English
  • Edition: 1
  • ISBN: 9789388797405
  • Release Date: 10 July 2019


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Dimensions 5 × 8 cm

About The Author

Aakansha Borthakur

Aakansha Borthakur is a 14-year-old 10th grader populating in Assam, India. She is already the serial author of two books, namely Watson and Alice and Journey to Atlantis correspondingly and is the author of the Watson and Alice series, which this book is a sequel of, with the consequent three parts. During her early childhood, she used to write several short fables, and since then, has a pursuit in writing. She also has a goal to work at the Walt Disney Company someday, by being a voice-over artiste or an animator hence. Being a kid, she was always rapt by the persona of the very famed Walt Disney, and his drawing approach, and then she got engrossed by the Japanese animation of what it is called anime, and fancies squiggling some even during her lessons! Notwithstanding her literary career, she has also received several awards in singing (Western vocal), and also gets mesmerized when it comes to playing piano, her pet pianists being Ludwig van Beethoven, Edvard Greig, Wolfgang Mozart etc. She is a ravenous reader of the books of Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde and several other classic writers. This being her third book anticipates good reviews which shall enthuse and hearten her to write even more books hence.


1 review for Watson and Alice

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