Women and Law, By(Suman Kumar )


“India has become “the fastest growing major economy in the world” with growth expected to continue upward over the next decade. However, despite India’s recent development, women and girls are still being left behind in this race. Therefore, this book Women and Law: Empowering women aims to give in-depth understanding of various laws and rights that women have in India which will help them live a better quality of life, allowing them to determine their futures beyond traditional expectations.
The book focuses on the following:
1. Relevant provisions under the Indian Constitution such as the Fundamental Rights, the Directive Principles of State Policy etc that empowers the Women of our country.
2. It further puts a light on the several rights of women within marriage such as rights of a mother to have the custody of her children, a woman’s matrimonial rights etc.
3. It also explains the rights of women as well as that of children in the cases of rape and other sexual offences as provided under the Indian Penal Code, POCSO Act, or in the cases of dowry harassment and cruelty.
4. The book also focuses on the right of women regarding their health and safety by mentioning the various provisions given under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act 1971, Pre-Conception And Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (Regulation) Act (PCPNDT) 1994
5. The book also mentions various rights that women have under the labour laws of India such as the Equal Remuneration Act, Maternity Benefits Act etc.
6. The book also includes inspiring facts about various women activists who are empowering role models for women across India.
7. The book presents a thorough study on the special initiatives being taken for the women of India and on the rights that are exclusive to them.
8. Several case laws have also been discussed in detail in this book.

This book will be immensely useful for all legal practitioners, law students, and the common people and most importantly for the female population of our country as the aim of this book is to empower women about their various rights. It will also be of interest of social activists, NGO’s etc.

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