Booksclinic Publishing provides authors with a platform that gives them the space to become famous. This spirit has helped us to win the hearts of writers not just in India but across the world. We believe that any writer can become an author with the assistance of a publishing house. That’s why we are here to provide all the support you need to make your book a bestseller.


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One of India's fastest growing self-publishing houses

Booksclinic Publication is one of the fastest growing publishing companies in India. It’s an all in one publication which is working on creating a platform for all incipient writers and existing writers to get together and bring change in the world of writing. We give all guidance, services and support required to produce a manuscript into a book with high standard. We publish your book with all rights safe with you. Publish your book with superior quality and effortless process.

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An Easy Publishing Process

Registration to Start

First and foremost register yourself with quick and easy steps through our website. Then share few pages of your manuscript as a sample. We will go through it for reviewing and then forward you our publishing proposal and after your approval we will move further.

Book Designing

Following the creation of content in any book, the next most important step is to read it and edit it in the correct format. This is always done in accordance with the manuscript. It includes proofreading, comprehensive editing or line editing, copy-edit, and manuscript critique. After editing has been completed, the next step is designing. The designing of a book takes many steps. The interior design begins with the book's design and the cover design follows.

Book Launch & Distribution

Publication of a book is primarily based on printing. To make a good book, the printing must be impeccable. Publishing a book with accuracy by selecting the right publishers is the best way for a writer to share their work with an audience. Self-publishers must deal with distribution by providing it to every platform with pre-order facility.

Support & Royalty

Best way to support a book is good marketing. Any product can be made worthwhile by good marketing. Every book must have an effective marketing strategy in order to succeed. To achieve the best results in publishing, marketing must be tailored to the manuscript. The self-publishing process ends with book sales. By providing books on both online and offline platforms sales are made, and the royalties are distributed to the writers, the process continues.

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Book of the Week

Karma by Darshan Muralidhar Desale

First Runner-Up of The LIT Digital Awards 2021 comes up with a new Masterpiece

One of the most prominent media houses in the country; Sakal Times addressed him, as “The Youngest Author of World-Class Horror Stories.” Due to their immense popularity, many of them have been translated into English and Hindi too. Darshan Desale’s first audiobook “Zombie” was also the first audiobook about zombies in Marathi. His debut novel also won several awards, including being the First Runner-Up in The LIT Digital Awards 2021, “Global Leadership Excellence Award 2022” by Aesthetics international, and “Talent Hunt Award”, “Best book of the year” and many more. The young writer and music enthusiast has received a lot of acclamation for his work.

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A few testimonials

best publisher

Excellent experience with Booksclinic. Well built team, very co-operative and helpful from submission of manuscript to publication. So happy to work with this publishing house.

Dipak Giri

Bestseller Author

best publisher

Had been a wonderful experience working with Booksclinic. A bunch of very professional and people being a master of their craft and very wonderful team.

Nitish Raj

Co-Founder at Literia Insight

best publisher
I have had a wonderful publishing experience with Booksclinic Publishers, Hugely recommend this rapidly extending and an expert professional self-publishing platform for an exceptional and hassle-free publishing experience.

Jyoti Jha

Times of India Write India Season 3 Winner

book publisher

They aid us in entering the world of literature in an easy and straightforward way, because Booksclinic knows the value of writers.

Nishtha Shrivastava

Miss Asia International'21 Bestseller Author

book publisher

Besides being very comfortable and cooperative, they understand the situation and work accordingly; they respect the dignity of their authors and value their contributions.

Adesh K Arjun

Bollywood Screen Writer

great service as compared with another publisher ( experience with others). I am thankful to Mr. Deepak & Mr. Hitesh because without their support I could not have succeeded in my goal.

Devratn Manisha Agrawal

Head of Operations at Asia Telecom Advance Mobile Repairing Institute

We have partnered with a number of large book distributors

Get yourself registered first. Share you manuscript and after receiving it we will guide you with all process of publishing and create your fantastic book. Check out the effortless steps of publishing book. With our innovative and flexible publishing get your book done in accuracy. We know it well that your manuscript is your treasure and we will present it in most stunning way. Go through these quick steps and get your book published now.

Ready To Publish Your Book? Sign Up Today For Amazing Deals!